Miriam Makeba - Mama Africa - Black History Month

Mon 13 Feb, 2017

Often referred to as Mama Africa, Miriam Makeba is truly the most popular female artist to come o...

King Sunny Ade - Music Royalty - BHM Real History Month

Mon 13 Feb, 2017

Born to a royal family in Ondo, Nigeria, King Sunny Ade is quite literally music royalty.


Wangari Maathai - Environmentalist, Kenya / #BlackHistoryMonth #RealHistoryMonth

Tue 07 Feb, 2017

Wangari Maathai - Environmentalist, Kenya

“African women in general need to know that...

Kofi Annan. Diplomat, Ghana / #BlackHistoryMonth #RealHistoryMonth

Tue 07 Feb, 2017

Kofi Annan. Diplomat, Ghana

The first African to be elected from the ranks...

Breaking down Trump's Executive Orders: Obamacare/Affordable Health Care Act

Mon 06 Feb, 2017

First of all….what is an executive order really?

An executive order is  &l...

Funmilayo Ransome Kuti – The Woman Activist - Real History Month

Sun 05 Feb, 2017

Years before the second wave of feminism began to take form in the West, there was a woman making...

The Alt-Right or Alt-Reich? … Neo-Nazis in “Sheep’s” Clothing

Wed 01 Feb, 2017

Don’t let the new, edgy-branding and down play of overtly racist agenda fool you. These mot...

Do You Want That Subway Sandwich with a Side of Codeine?

Thu 19 Jan, 2017

Did you know the FDA officially married Big Pharma back in February? And it looks like Trump inte...